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How to start
*Run a server program on one computer (it uses TCP port 9000, but it can easly be changed in source code).
*Run client (game) program, in client window put IP of the server.
*Enjoy ;-)

Game controls:
Arrows - moving up, down, turing left and right.
S - disable / enable sound effects.
F - go full screen / window mode.
Space - shooting.
Alt - fast shooting.

Game instructions:
*At the begining of the game you choose ship model, its color and field of view of the pilot (field of view of projective transform). There are no difference in sizes, speed or fire power between ships.
*Random position - if checked means that the start position of ship is random during each respown of this client's starship.
*Any time you shot an enemy you gain 1 frag.
*Any time you crush to the ground or water you loose 1 frag.
*Map size is limited in three dimensions. If you reach map border sound effect will be played (siren).
*If yoy crush an enemy you or your opponent will be killed and no one will get a frag.
*Number of bullets is limited (max 100). Player gain 1 bullet per second.

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